Fairchild, Anna [Artist], Mooney, Sian Kate [Artist] and Renton, Lucy [Artist] (2021) Cluster. .


Cluster Artists: Anna Fairchild, Sian-Kate Mooney, Lucy Renton Cluster is a show about materials and making, and observing the transition between the way materials behave in the studio, and how they create new meanings when united in an exhibition. The artists – Anna Fairchild, Sian-Kate Mooney and Lucy Renton – share an exploratory interest in repeated processes like folding, pleating, casting, pouring, patterning, layering. They enact these processes on specific substances that have individual meanings for each of them, as well as shared significances deriving from their social use as industrial, domestic, functional and aesthetic materials. The artists enjoy the inherent qualities of these materials: how they bend, drape, (are pliable) or how they appear to act with and against gravity. But they are also interested in the practices and stories the materials bring with them. The show intends to explore in a public space, the interaction of these personal and social worlds of interpretation. The exhibition context allows the crystallisation of experimental processes into a show for an audience, and an opportunity to engage the objects they make in conversation with each other.

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