Subsurface ground movements due to circular shaft construction

Le, Binh Thanh, Goodey, Richard James and Divall, Sam (2019) Subsurface ground movements due to circular shaft construction. Soils and Foundations, 59(5), pp. 1160-1171. ISSN (print) 0038-0806


The rapid development of modern metropolises has led to a shortage of surface space and in response engineers have pursued alternatives below ground level. Shafts are commonly used to provide temporary access to the subsurface for tunnelling and, as permanent works,are utilised forlifts or ventilation purposes. The construction sequence of axisymmetric shafts makes them a dramatically simple solution. In addition, circular shafts are inherently stiffer than other plan geometries. Those, perhaps, are reasons why circular shafts are preferred in situations of restricted space or unfavourable ground conditions. However, due to the lack of case histories reporting ground movements induced by shaft construction, no empirical prediction method for subsurface soil displacements exists.The work presented here seeks to provide clearer insights into surface and subsurface soil displacements induced by circular shaft construction by meansof analysis on measurements obtained from centrifuge tests and available field data. Novel empirical equations and proceduresare suggested for practical use.

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