Stylistic analysis, or “sweating the small stuff”

Harrington, Bill, Rumeu, Jaume [Artist], Round, Julia [Writer of accompanying material], D'Arcy, Geraint [Writer of accompanying material], Miers, John [Writer of accompanying material], Horton, Ian [Writer of accompanying material] and Pursall, Dona [Writer of accompanying material] (2021) Stylistic analysis, or “sweating the small stuff”. In: ., ., (ed.) Misty Presents : the Jaume Rumeu Collection. Oxford, U.K. : Rebellion. pp. 120-122. (Misty, (5)) ISBN 9781781089378


IN HIS INTRODUCTION to this book David Roach mentions that a feature of Rumeu’s work for Misty is an increased emphasis on texture. We also understand from the overview of his career that Rumeu by this point would have been skilled at giving visual form to the conflicting tensions and passions girls experience as they grow towards adulthood. This analysis focuses on the effects of Rumeu’s drawing style, but not the “headline” features of his style such as dynamic compositions or vibrant page layouts; instead, I want to focus on texture and how it underlines the themes of order and chaos, and innocence and impurity, that run through The Black Widow.

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