The imperialist multinational : concentration, fiction or rent?

Higginbottom, Andrew (2021) The imperialist multinational : concentration, fiction or rent? In: Herrera, Rémy, (ed.) Imperialism and transitions to socialism. Bingley N.Y., U.S. : Emerald Publishing Limited. pp. 39-57. (Research in Political Economy, (36)) ISSN (print) 0161-7230 ISBN 9781800437050


This chapter investigates Marx’s Capital as a theoretical resource for analysing both the form and content of the modern corporation. We assess two recent contributions critiquing the corporation. The chapter argues that Marx advanced from his initial ambivalent comments on the form of the joint stock company and the credit system to a more categorical critique. We assess Marx’s concepts of the concentration and centralization of capital, fictitious capital and rent in analysing the corporation. Next, we note Engels important contribution filling in from the early limited liability company to monopoly capital and modern imperialism. The chapter ends with two examples of how these concepts apply in concrete analysis. The work is highly preliminary and is intended to open a more theoretically informed approach to analysis and critique of the multinational corporation

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