Interaction between shock waves travelling in the same direction

Bulat, Pavel, Volkov, Konstantin and Volobuev, Igor (2021) Interaction between shock waves travelling in the same direction. Fluids, 6(9), e315. ISSN (print) 2311-5521


In this paper, we study the intersection (interaction) between several steady shocks traveling in the same direction. The interaction between overtaking shocks may be regular or irregular. In the case of regular reflection, the intersection of overtaking shocks leads to the formation of a resulting shock, contact discontinuity, and some reflected discontinuities. The type of discontinuity depends on the parameters of incoming shocks. At the irregular reflection, a Mach shock forms between incoming overtaking shocks. Reflected discontinuities come from the points of intersection of the Mach stem with the incoming shocks. We also consider the possible types of shockwave configurations that form both at regular and irregular interactions of several overtaking shocks. The regions of existence of overtaking shock waves with different types of reflected shock and the intensity of reflected shocks are defined. The results obtained in the study can potentially be useful for designing supersonic intakes and advanced jet engines.

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