Virtual Illumination : lighting across live-action and computer-generated moving images

Nevill, Alexander (2017) Virtual Illumination : lighting across live-action and computer-generated moving images. Screenworks, 7(2), ISSN (online) 2514-3123


This project explores the problem of lighting moving images in the context of an increasing confluence of technologies through which this practice now occurs. Specifically, I’ve been investigating how the tools a practitioner chooses during the creation of screen-based content impact their resulting creative lighting decisions. On one level light is fundamental in allowing audiences to perceive and interact with the screen – it affords the exposure, recording and projection of images through equipment that is designed to take advantage of flaws in our visual apparatus to evoke an illusion of movement. On another level light can be creatively controlled and orchestrated alongside mise-en-scène through the use of specifically designed lamps, filters or modifiers to enhance an audience’s experience of a film. Utilizing a practice based approach allows my study to directly investigate influences of varying technological variables and in so doing explore the impact a current confluence of moving image practices is having on the creative processes of lighting. This project focuses on just one comparison amidst this range of technologies – the distinction between CGI and live-action lighting work.

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