Making your anxiety our business

Ashcroft, Ross [Presenter], Krause, Nihara [Contributor] and Roberts, Ron [Contributor] (2019) Making your anxiety our business. (TV show). (Renegade Inc)


When you look around, we’re living in a time of an opioid crisis in the US, a mental health crisis in the UK, and increasing suicide rates around the world. Often we talk about the problems but seldom do we talk about why they occur. Instead of blaming the individual and using pseudo-science to sell even more so-called ‘remedies’, is it now time we acknowledge that the rise of the anxiety economy is due to the failure of the real economy? Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the clinical psychologist and founder of the Stem4 mental health charity, Dr. Nihara Krause, and chartered psychologist Dr. Ron Roberts to discuss the rise of the ‘anxiety industry’.

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