How to stop time

Chan, JJ [Artist] (2019) How to stop time. (Moving Image).


This short video of 2 minutes and 55 seconds was created by digitally altering a flight safety video from the Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific Airlines. The video is overlaid by a poetic monologue, performed by a feminine voice which narrates in Cantonese, the artists first language. It retells a short memory from childhood about an attempt to stop the world from moving too quickly. The video is a critical provocation, poking at imaginations of time in a system of capitalist neoliberalism. In light of emerging political tensions in Hong Kong since the Umbrella Revolution (2014), and rapidly changing social and political conditions in the territory, it calls on agencies to ask "how did we get here, and where are we going?" A question that we can all ask of the social, political, and economic circumstances which shape and are shaped by our everyday movements.

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