Ratiometric G-quadruplex assay for robust lead detection in food samples

Liu, Yumei, Hao, Yang, Rui, Wan, Khan, M.Rizwan, Wang, Nan, Busquets, Rosa, Deng, Ruijie, Je, Quiang and Zhao, Zhinfeng (2021) Ratiometric G-quadruplex assay for robust lead detection in food samples. Biosensors, 11(8), p. 274. ISSN (online) 2079-6374


Lead (Pb2+) pollution is a serious food safety issue, rapid detection of Pb2+ residual in food is vital to guarantee food quality and safety. Here we proposed ratiometric aptamer probes, allowing robust Pb2+ supervision in food samples. Pb2+ specific aptamer can bolster a transition of G-quadruplex structural response to Pb2+; this process can be monitored by N-methyl mesoporphyrin IX (NMM), which is highly specific to G-quadruplex. Particularly, the utilization of G-quadruplex specific dye and terminal-labeled fluorophore allowed to endue ratiometric signal outputs towards Pb2+, dramatically increase the robustness for lead detection. The ratiometric G-quadruplex assay allowed a facile and one-pot Pb2+ detection at room temperature using a single-stranded DNA aptamer. We demonstrated its feasibility for detecting lead pollution in fresh eggs and tap water samples. The ratiometric G-quadruplex design is expected to be used for on-site Pb2+ testing associated with food safety

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