My Dear Hamy : insights and intrigues at the court of Caroline, Princess of Wales

Thomas, Martin (2021) My Dear Hamy : insights and intrigues at the court of Caroline, Princess of Wales. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


My Dear Hamy (Thomas, 2016) is a scholarly work that challenges and has the potential to change historians’ understanding of George IV’s largely dismissed consort, Caroline of Brunswick, and the times in which she lived. In examining sources concerning Princess Caroline, the author uncovers new, contemporary perspectives on the social, political and military conflicts of the time. The exploration is largely from the perspective and surviving documentation of Anne Hayman, Caroline’s friend, advisor and Privy Purse, whose detailed correspondence invites different conclusions from those drawn by many previous historians. Working from local knowledge, personal reflection and extensive – and previously unexplored – documentary sources, Thomas has built up an extensive body of material relevant to understanding both the local community around Wrexham in North East Wales and the royal court in London. The published text is the outcome of 17 years’ research and access to material barely used by previous scholars. A detailed approach has been taken throughout, and the associated research pursued with a rigorous methodology. Collectively, the work offers a full exploration of the lives, involvements, political, social and economic impacts of all those involved, within their local and wider contexts, as well as on an international basis. The work has been informed by, and influences, others working in these fields. The resulting coherent body of work consequently makes a significant and original contribution to the present state of knowledge about the geography and history of the period, and to wider understanding of social, cultural and economic contexts in general.

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