Aeroacoustics of the impeller in hovering mode

Bulat, Pavel, Chernyshov, Pavel, Kurnukhin, Anton and Volkov, Konstantin (2021) Aeroacoustics of the impeller in hovering mode. Journal Akustika, 39(39), pp. 16-21. ISSN (print) 1801-9064


The main role in reducing the noise generation of unmanned aerial vehicles is played by aeroacoustic improvement of their power plant. To identify the acoustic field generated by the rotation of the impeller, which is used on an unmanned aerial vehicle of a quadcopter type, numerical modeling was carried out with the identification of the turbulent structure of the flow using the Large Eddy Simulation (LES). To calculate the noise, the Fox Williams-Hawkings (FW-H) integral method was applied, which makes it possible to determine the aeroacoustic characteristics in the far flow field. Using this technique, the noise level at various points was determined, a spectral analysis of the noise was carried out, and the directional pattern of acoustic radiation was plotted for various speeds of rotation of the propeller in hovering mode.

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