Briefing : Occupational safety and health regulations in Oman

Umar, Tariq, Egbu, Charles, Wamuziri, Sam and Honnurvali, Mohamed Shaik (2018) Briefing : Occupational safety and health regulations in Oman. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Management, Procurement and Law, 171(3), pp. 93-99. ISSN (print) 1751-4304


Poor occupational safety and health (OS&H) results in an economic burden of 4% of the total world gross domestic product (GDP). Effective OS&H regulations and their implementation are one of the main factors in achieving an improved safety performance. This article discusses the current OS&H regulations applicable in all industries including construction in Oman. Construction is one of the main industries in Oman, which contributes about 9% towards its GDP. This article attempts to offer some basic understanding of the OS&H regulations applicable to both employees and employers in Oman. The current regulations comprise four chapters and 43 articles, which address some of the key areas, including the specifications of worker uniform and personal protection equipment, medical care, precautions against hazards, special precautionary measures, OS&H management system and enforcement by ministry inspectors. The minimum number of employees for an employer to have a qualified OS&H supervisor is 50. Different agreements between Oman and the International Labour Organization indicate that Oman is committed to implementing the National Programme for Work, which aims to build Oman’s labour market and to provide decent work.

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