Feasibility study : FairFinder : using mobile app technology for sustainable cities

Kutaula, Smirti and Gillani, Alvina (2019) Feasibility study : FairFinder : using mobile app technology for sustainable cities. (Project Report) Kingston University. (Unpublished)


The relationship between mobile technology applications and ethical shopping holds immense potential to impact the key stakeholders- through shifting the consumer shopping patterns and influence the corporate agenda of the shops and retailers selling fair trade products. Cardiff is the world’s first fair trade capital city based on the principles such as; support from the local council in serving fair trade products, availability of fair trade products for consumers in retail outlets, raising awareness through media campaigns, and presence of a local fair trade steering group. While there is a clear demand from the public in Cardiff for fair trade products, there is no platform to provide comprehensive information regarding the availability of fair trade products to the people in Cardiff which could help them in purchase decisions. This feasibility study serves as a starting point for the development of FairFinder, a mobile app for providing consolidated information about the range of fair trade products. We analysed the fair trade and technology market and carried out a cost benefit analysis of the project. To understand stakeholders’ view point, we conducted qualitative interviews and focus groups with consumers, volunteers and industry stakeholders and examined their motivations, pain points and opportunities regarding fair trade. We also employed relevant DESIGNSCAPES tool to analyse the value creation through various stake holder relationships. The analysis reveals that the total project cost falls below the projected revenue through advertisement monetisation, thus, confirming the feasibility of the FairFinder study. Based on the stakeholders’ analysis, we found that there is a huge demand for a platform which could provide consolidated information regarding the availability and impact of fair trade. We also provide recommendations and scope for scalability of the project.

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