Intelligent cloud-based digital imaging medical system solution

Hamdouni, Hind (2019) Intelligent cloud-based digital imaging medical system solution. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


This research started with a simple fact: The global needs in medical care, and in medical imaging specifically, are increasing. This is mainly due to a population that is getting older and hence more likely to be exposed to diseases; but this same population would wish to keep a high quality of life. Therefore, to cope with these challenges, many systems, innovations and programs have been created and developed. Among them is the Picture Archiving and Communication System or PACS. Although this filmless system has shown to have a great deal of advantages when onsite - such as the capability to access medical data at different locations - these benefits seem to be outbalanced by the high initial costs, potential risk of data loss and the complexity of data sharing. Therefore, the aim of this research is to suggest a potential betterment of the onsite medical system, by introducing cloud and Computer Aided Diagnosis aspects to it. Lausanne Hospital has been used as a benchmark in order to evaluate the proposed solution, in terms of cost efficiency, diagnosis accuracy, users’ productivity, medical data sharing opportunities, data accessibility, procedure when upgrading systems, reporting process, workflow performed for handling technical issues, and teleradiology benefits. Investigating the potential impact of merging Cloud, PACS and CAD as one intelligent cloud-based digital imaging medical system solution has resulted with the following discovery: the proposed medical technology appears to be more profitable for its potential users than the current option. In point of fact, the proposed solution minimises initial costs, as a result of offsite hosting. Moreover, the suggested system eases offsite medical data viewing and sharing, which strengthens opportunities for 6 teleradiology and collaboration between medical experts. This system also allows its potential users to centre their focus on their core area of expertise, as the system provider becomes the sole manager responsible for the software. Regarding the integration of CAD, the analysis has shown that utilising this software presumably adds greater value to the cloud-based medical system, as CAD engenders higher efficiency and productivity during diagnosis and reporting processes.

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