Kingston University Mosquito Watch

Kirk, R, Corbishley, D, Edwards, S, Ghafoor, A and Jimoh, O (2017) Kingston University Mosquito Watch. In: British Society for Parasitology : 55th Annual Spring Meeting; 02 - 05 Apr 2017, Dundee, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Increasing concern about mosquito-borne diseases as emerging or re-emerging threats in Europe has emphasised the need for surveillance of UK mosquito species. Early detection of invasive mosquitoes is crucial for understanding the risks of virus transmission, particularly in the context of environmental and climatic changes which may enable movement and increase of vector populations and virus amplification. The Kingston University Mosquito Watch Project was launched in 2016 to engage undergraduate students in the surveillance of mosquitoes in southern England and monitor introduction of invasive species. Mosquitoes from four urban sites in Kingston upon Thames and Egham, Surrey were sampled and morphologically identified. Larvae were collected from water containers and reared to adults. Adults were trapped using a BG Sentinel trap with Sweetscent attractant. The common and widespread native species Culex pipiens and Culiseta annulata were found at all sites. The potential of these species as vectors of disease is discussed and the pedagogic value of the project in teaching mosquito identification skills to students is highlighted. Data will be communicated to Public Health England and further surveys at urban and rural sites are planned.

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