Novel smart composite materials for industrial wastewater treatment and reuse

Paneysar, Joginder Singh, Jain, Sumeet, Ahmed, Nida, Barton, Stephen, Ambre, Premlata and Coutinho, Evans (2020) Novel smart composite materials for industrial wastewater treatment and reuse. SN Applied Sciences, 2, p. 1084. ISSN (print) 2523-3971


Abstract: With the current levels of industrial development it is very difficult to prevent organic pollutants and toxic heavy metals from contaminating water. Thus purification of contaminated industrial water and its reuse is a global concern. The present study highlights application of a novel standalone technology in the form of polymers that efficiently extract a range of organic and inorganic impurities simultaneously for reuse of industrial effluent. Previous studies have focused on water soluble synthetic polymers for removal of organic contaminants, while biodegradable polymers are being used for extraction of toxic metals from water. Our earlier reports already describe a combination of synthetic and natural polymers with the ability to eliminate organic and inorganic spiked impurities from water on a lab scale. In the present work a series of novel smart composite materials have been synthesized and fully characterized. The avant-garde novelty of these materials for simultaneous removal of organic impurities such as phenols, anhydrides, textile dyes, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and inorganic heavy metals has been demonstrated and the novel polymers have shown a removal efficiency of more than 90% for each of the contaminants. Furthermore, the established 4-cycle reusability and an extensive reduction in levels of chemical oxygen demand suggests these materials would act as an improvement to the current methods for treating effluent water. The high reproducibility in synthesis, properties and elimination spectrum brands them as promising materials for industrial water remediation and reuse.

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