Nemoguća povorka / Impossible procession

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar [Performer] (2016) Nemoguća povorka / Impossible procession. 18th International Multimedial Art Festival - IMAF 2016.


The procession is a silent walk strongly emphasising deep concentration, an introspective relation to self, an action, which ties together most sounds, visual perception and the feeling of environment into a bundle of energy present within. The Action is the attempt to bi-pass all external influences. However what kind of procession bears only one person? When by-passing all that could be assumed external, any mental arrest or reaction, there is a chance and an opportunity to get involved with a meta source of intellectual qualities. This mind-image confronts the moment of everyday life and most known communal signs, affairs and structures. It can be speculated that the two actions are somewhat connected as a journey to the center.

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