Quality assessment of gaming videos compressed via AV1

Ashimov, Darkhan, Martini, Maria and Barman, Nabajeet (2020) Quality assessment of gaming videos compressed via AV1. In: 12th International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience; 26 - 28 May 2020, Athlone, Ireland (presented online).


With the increasing demand in video traffic, delivering appropriate Quality of Experience may appear as a challenge for highly popular services such as Twitch.tv and YouTube-Gaming. This paper presents the evaluation of three widely used encoders, namely H.264, H.265 and AV1, for the case of gaming videos, assuming streaming scenario. The performance of the codecs has been assessed in terms of objective video quality metrics (PSNR, SSIM and VMAF) and subjective video quality assessment. The encoding settings were kept similar for all the three aforementioned encoders. In the considered setting, AV1 achieves a better level of video quality both in terms of objective and subjective VQA, for almost all bitrates and content considered. The improvement is remarkable in particular for the lower range of bitrates considered.

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