Ontological difference, anthropological difference, and equal liberty

Balibar, Etienne (2020) Ontological difference, anthropological difference, and equal liberty. European Journal of Philosophy, 28(1), pp. 3-14. ISSN (print) 0966-8373


In this lecture, the author seeks to articulate in a systematic manner, although still tentative, the three ideas about which he has been developing his personal philosophy in the last period: “Ontological difference”, which after Heidegger and Derrida needs to become redefined in terms of a quasi‐transcendental problematic of alterity; “anthropological difference”, which covers the wholerange of oppositions which at the same time are inseparable from a representation of the “human” and impossible to define as invariable binaries; “equal liberty”, the combination of heterogeneous values which, since Ancient democracies and Modern republican insurrections, has installed the tension of emancipation at the heart of the political institution.

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