Price, Elizabeth [Artist] (2015) K. .


Two channel video projection installation. 2015. Duration: 7 minutes K is a two channel projection, one screen is presented horizontally (landscape format) and the other, vertically (portrait format). At the top of the vertical projection a flickering photographic animation of the sun is presented. This ‘shines’ down on a digital animation of a mechanical production line, located on the horizontal screen. Images of pop music performers migrate between the two screens, seemingly responding to both the light of the sun, and the motion of the machinery. These three different kinds of imagery, the sun, the machines, the dancers, have been sourced from very different cultural contexts, and originated using different image technologies. One purpose of the story in K, is to weave these incompatible elements together, exploring contingent connections. The theme of the fiction that attempt this is mourning. Implicit and explicit references to weaving run throughout. It is used as a metaphor for the creation of fiction, and intended as a visual counterpart for polyphony - a musical or dramatic form in which many voices speak or sing together. The dipping and circling motion of a mechanical loom also used to suggest the imagined gestures of the mourning dance. The convergence of all the different technologies existing in the work also reminds us that the origin of computer memory lies in the history of the mechanical loom. The title K, was chosen to be the abstracted image of a stitch or knot when horizontal, but as a dancing figure when vertical:

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