Barriers to implementation of clinical research in the state of Qatar : a managerial perspective

Shahbal, Saad Mohammed (2019) Barriers to implementation of clinical research in the state of Qatar : a managerial perspective. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


Clinical research helps in improving patient care and quality of life through translation of findings from basic research (laboratory based) into actual benefit to patients. The huge advancements in the field of clinical research are accompanied by increase in demand for infrastructure, funding and regulations to ensure the safe conduct of research. There are many barriers faced by researchers around the world that affect the initiation and progress of their clinical research projects and eventually lead to wastage of effort and resources. Many studies in literature assessed these barriers from the researchers’ perspective. Nevertheless, the aim of this study was to identify the barriers as seen by research managers in Qatar. The study also had a retrospective aspect where the database of funded projects was analyzed for frequency of suspensions and terminations and if they were related to the identified barriers. Five research managers from different research institutions in Qatar were interviewed for their opinion about the barriers to conducting clinical research in Qatar. The interviews were recorded, transcribed and a thematic analysis model was applied to generate common themes. The major barriers identified could be categorized into four major themes – scientific / professional, financial, administrative and regulatory. A retrospective analysis of the grants awarded to Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) confirmed that most reasons for the suspensions and terminations were related to these barriers. We believe that this study provided very important insight into the barriers faced by researchers in Qatar. The outcomes will be communicated to the policy makers in Qatar to focus on addressing these issues for a better utilization of the available resources and infrastructure to support clinical research in Qatar. The study also paves the way for a future study where barriers will be assessed by the researchers.

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