A non-standard art practice : hypotheses on thought and making through text, video and sculpture

Rekab, Alice (2018) A non-standard art practice : hypotheses on thought and making through text, video and sculpture. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


This thesis will introduce the work of Francois Laruelle and that of Anne-Francoise Schmid, it will then examine the relevance of each to art-making and how their 'thought as practice' resonates with ,y own processes of creative production. I will seek to demonstrate a kind of intersecting yet enclosed circularity between philosophy and contemporary art and to propose hypotheses, models and methods that, rather than simply propose an exit, engage in strategies that seek a non-entry into the contemporary art-philosophy orbit, and move of their own volitions on their own courses through time and space. In turn, reflecting on its educational context as Ph.D research within the field of fine art this project concludes itself by looking towards the ways in which this theory of non-entity might be integrated into approaches to fine art education, through the development of workshops both within and without standard institutional frameworks. This Ph.D project will perform three primary tasks: 1. Through the development of a theory of collective intimacy within art practice, it will attempt to introduce an applied version of non-philosophy and non-epistemology, as relevant to the development of a new approach to exhibition-making, and to contextualize this within contemporary art practice and discourse. 2. It will present the processes and results of a series of practice-based investigations, carried out through video and object-making and also through workshops which I developed as part of my research, contextualizing these both within contemporary art discourse and within the emergent field of non-philosophical scholarship. 3. It will develop and present a set of diagrams that form the basis of a new approach and practice of collaborative production based on individual research, art-making and work produced in workshops. The object of these tasks is largely to do with making a space for an art practice that works with non-philosophy, with clay and video and with other artists to produce itself. To make a space for this practice is to ask what kind of room such work needs, what materials it engages and how it is itself made material through its various processes of actualization.

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