Production of hydrogen using solar-powered electrolysis

Udousoro, D. A. and Dansoh, Cliff (2018) Production of hydrogen using solar-powered electrolysis. In: World Renewable Energy Congress - WREC 2018; 31 Jul - 03 Aug 2018, Kingston, U.K..


A solar-powered electrolysis (SPE) unit was modelled to provide 58,400 kg of hydrogen to run the fuel cell bus fleet in Lea interchange garage in London on a yearly basis. Experiments were conducted to determine the efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV) module and the electrolyser. An energy balance of the electrolysis unit was calculated to give 47.82 kwh/kg and used to model a 2.98 MW photovoltaic system required to run the electrolysis process. Cost analysis was conducted to show that steam methane reforming cost £1.14/kg while solar-powered electrolysis cost £15.76/kg of hydrogen gas.

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