Artistic research in performance through collaboration

Blain, Martin and Minors, Helen Julia, eds. (2020) Artistic research in performance through collaboration. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9783030385989 (In Press)


Collaboration is an issue at the centre of Performance Arts Research. It is understood differently in different practices, whether in music, dance, drama, fine art, installation art, digital media or other performance arts. Collaborative processes may develop as it occurs between academic researchers in the creative arts and professional practitioners in commercial organisations in the creative arts industries (and beyond), or as it focuses attention and understanding on the tacit/implicit dimensions of working across different media. Within collaborative contexts this book explores four key constituent elements of the process: partnership – how artists (within both the academe and creative industries) exchange ideas and produce new works for mutual benefit; performance – exploring the process of doing research and specifically presenting performance as research; ethics – exploring issues of authorship and ownership in collaborative projects; and research dissemination – how research collaborators communicate their methods and findings to specialist and non-specialist audiences. This book demonstrates how practitioners across different contexts present their research through practice. How do the creative arts inform industry? How, in turn, does industry inform the creative arts? Furthermore, what types of knowledge are produced in the performing arts and how is knowledge manifest? Moreover, where is the origin and ultimate source of this knowledge within such collaborations? How can this knowledge production be evidenced and disseminated across the different performance art disciplines?

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