Borders, raindrops = Granice kiše

Sudar, Vlastimir [Screenwriter], Mijovic, Nikola [Screenwriter], Fry, Alexander [Film editor] and Jacimovic, Milos [Cinematographer] (2018) Borders, raindrops = Granice kiše. (Feature film). DCP (Digital Cinema Package).


‘Borders, Raindrops’ is a feature-length fiction film which is set high up in the mountains above the Adriatic Sea, on the recently established borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. As these are now abandoned areas with a declining economy and population, while also sidelined by recent history due to a vicious armed conflict that tore the region apart during the last decade of the twentieth century, the main aim of this work was to produce a film that will challenge these established media representations through a construction of an affirmative representation of this place. This affirmative view was based on reflecting on the two most common stereotypes attached to the region: one of the ethnic hatreds and the other of aggressive macho culture. In order to reconfigure these representations, the main character is a young city girl – Jagoda – visiting her extended family still inhabiting the villages on the different sides of the border. The film is not only challenging these established representations in its content, but also on different levels of its form. As the story unfolds in a recently fragmented space, it is thus mirrored in the narrative structure of the film, which is broken in two halves and an epilogue, each representing one of the three countries bordering each other. It also constructs a genre hybrid, by mixing professional actors and authentic locations and characters, transgressing the border between fiction and documentary. The aim was to create a work in which all these different parties could be brought together and create connections between politically divided selves – between self and the other – in its form and its content.

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