Modelling and evaluation of fabric integrated thermal storage for low-energy dwellings

Shea, A.D., Elsayed, A., Allison, J. and Kelly, N.J. (2018) Modelling and evaluation of fabric integrated thermal storage for low-energy dwellings. In: 9th International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment 2018 (ICSBE); 13 - 15 Dec 2018, Kandy, Sri Lanka. (Unpublished)


In this paper we present a fabric integrated thermal storage solution intended to meet the diurnal heating needs of domestic dwellings. Such storage systems can facilitate decoupling of energy supply and demand and consequently could support peak-shifting and Demand Side energy Management (DSM) and build resilience into what are often, in some regions, over-stretched energy generation and distribution networks. An analytical model using Simulink for 1-dimensional analysis, which has been validated against a CFD model, is presented. We evaluate the performance of pipe configuration options (coiled and serpentine arrangements), the influence of parasitic heat losses to the room environment, three insulation types, and finally the effect of surface finish. The aim of this work is to better understand the influencing factors in the design of effective fabric integrated thermal storage for domestic buildings. Results of CFD analysis demonstrate that for practical pipework arrangements a coiled arrangement provides improved heat distribution throughout the storage media and parasitic losses can be reduced to less than 20W for a system serving a low-energy flat or terraced dwelling in a northern European climate. …

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