Robust Device-to-Device 5G cellular communication in the post-disaster scenario

G C, Deepak, Ladas, Alexandros and Politis, Christos (2019) Robust Device-to-Device 5G cellular communication in the post-disaster scenario. In: 2019 16th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC); 11 - 14 Jan 2019, Las Vegas, U.S..


The wireless communication is an integral part of the society, however, wireless network infrastructure may not fully function during post-disaster wireless network scenario in which we need wireless services even more than normal circumstances. In such post-disaster scenarios, the base stations (BS) could possibly be dysfunctional or overloaded by an excessive number of user calls or data, whereas user terminals are likely to be partially connected to or fully isolated from the BS radio signals. In this paper, we study the network behavior during the post-disaster when BSs undergo the thinning process due to the damage to the network infrastructure. During network recovery phase, we also study the network performance when new temporary BSs are distributed which will bring the network into BS superposition phase. Furthermore, Device-to-Device (D2D) assisted cellular communication helps to increase the link level network connectivity which is highly appreciated during postdisaster network scenario because the network coverage is more desirable than the network throughout in such cases. We also present the analytical study of D2D and cellular communication and show that it will effectively increase the network coverage which may ultimately save many lives during the golden hours of post-disaster phase.

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