Physical activity and exercise capacity in people with Sarcoidosis

Morton-Holtham, Luke (2018) Physical activity and exercise capacity in people with Sarcoidosis. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


Purpose: Sarcoidosis is a diverse condition. The condition currently has a limited body of knowledge surrounding the effect and role of physical activity and exercise on quality of life and disease management. Therefore, this project aimed to preliminarily establish trends and correlations in relationship to quality of life and disease management through environmental and lifestyle factors. Methods: The project involved a systematic review into physical activity, exercise capacity and muscle strength, two online epidemiological studies looking at environmental and lifestyle factors alongside type and symptoms of the condition. In addition to qualitative questions helping understand the views of patients. While a final study compared an objective (triaxial accelerometery) measure of physical activity against a standardised self-reported measure (IPAQ), in addition to their relationships with physiological and mental measures of sarcoidosis. Results: Sarcoidosis is typically associated with reduced exercise capacity and muscle strength with reductions more profound in patients reporting fatigue. Although physical activity has been found to be above and below recommended levels. Chapter five found quality of life, number of symptoms and fatigue were predictors (R2=.094) of perceived categories physical activity while accelerometer MVPA found calories burned per day and BMI as predictors (R2=.968). Fatigue was found to be a major issue within the population with number of symptoms and physical activity since diagnosis as predictors within chapter five (R2 =.238) and the SHQ within chapter seven (R2=.797). Conclusions: This was the first study to look at the role of sarcoidosis effects on work-life balance. A large number of patients (41.5%) reported changing or stopping work due to sarcoidosis and thus the role and effects of physical activity needs further investigation, although the findings suggest MVPA cannot be used as the only form of physical activity measure and others such as steps per day; and light activity should be considered, physical activity is shown to be diverse within the population. Exercise rehabilitation can improve associated symptoms and deconditioning within sarcoidosis, while taught coping methods may be beneficial.

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