Dislocated temporalities : valuing difference and working together

Chapman, Jonathan and Chalaris, Konstantinos (2018) Dislocated temporalities : valuing difference and working together. In: Charter, Martin, (ed.) Designing for the circular economy. Abingdon, Oxon, U.K : Routledge. pp. 213-220. ISBN 9781138081017


Design Schools and businesses a range of sectors are taking-up the challenge to develop more resource efficient practices and processes. However, despite growth in academic and commercial engagement, much of this research happens in isolation from one another. Partnerships are critical in transitioning to a circular economy—we need to work together. However, partnerships are often messy, frustrating encounters characterised by ongoing negotiation and reluctant cultural appropriation. This chapter reflects upon a research collaboration between the authors—two Design academics—and The Body Shop. We remark on the discovery of deep cultural and structural incompatibilities, on both sides, and their positive and negative implications for the research. In particular, we describe “dislocated temporalities”, wherein each partner fails to value the pace and depth of work carried out by the other. Our contention, therefore, is that for partnerships to first establish, and then endure fruitfully, a far deeper appreciation of each other’s temporal culture is needed, and ideally, a “hybrid temporality” be established as common ground—a site for sustainable innovation.

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