Multi-species sociology of the body

Peggs, Kay (2018) Multi-species sociology of the body. Journal of Sociology, 54(4), pp. 504-519. ISSN (print) 1440-7833


The human body has become a central focus in sociology. Such work has centred largely on the human body and its significance in social contexts. This article draws on sociological understandings of human embodiment, especially the idea of the ‘body as a project’, to facilitate a multi-species understanding of bodies and their entanglements. Conceptualising the body as a project has provided sociological insights into the scientific and technological innovations that are designed to improve health and delay death. Nonhuman animals are entangled in these efforts, though their presence is often occluded. By examining notions of body masks, body regimes and body options, which are well established in sociological thinking about the body, this article seeks to prompt consideration of how to utilise theories of the body to examine human–nonhuman animal entanglements in order to establish a multi-species sociology of the body.

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