Black but Not Dark

Radosz, Andrzej, Augousti, Andy T. and Gusin, Pawel (2018) Black but Not Dark. In: Capistrano, Abraao Jesse, (ed.) Essentials on Dark Matter. IntechOpen. pp. 43-63. ISBN 9781789236811


Large black holes of millions of solar masses are known to be present in the centre of galaxies. Their mass is negligible compared to the mass of the luminous matter, but their entropy far exceeds the entropy of the latter by 10 orders of magnitude. Strong gravitational fields make them 'black' - but at the same time, they cause them to emit radiation so they are not 'dark'. What is the meaning of their borders that may only be crossed once and that leads to the information paradox and what are the properties of their interiors? In discussing these and related questions (is it possible that the volume of a black hole might be infinite?), we uncover the unexpected meaning of the term 'strong gravity'.

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