and lines present scores to be performed by bodies

Undy, Claire [Artist] and Leslie, Bill [Artist] (2017) and lines present scores to be performed by bodies. .


'and lines present scores to be performed by bodies' points to a reciprocal relationship between bodily movement and the line. Comprised of works by London-based artists Leonor Serrano Rivas and duo Bill Leslie and Claire Undy, the exhibition considers the line both as a point of departure from bodily gesture and also the score for which the body moves along. The site-specific work of Leonor Serrano Rivas draws from the architecture of Wimbledon Space. Here, Serrano Rivas considers the potential of its linear forms to serve as tools or routes for performative action. Serrano Rivas’ sculptures simultaneously highlight decorative architecture’s mimicry of bodily forms. Bill Leslie and Claire Undy’s moving images toy with the two-dimensional constraints of filmic space. In Nudge (2016) a partially visible silver object is continuously agitated by the artist’s hand, and within Because We Have Hands (2016), Leslie and Undy manually oscillate maquettes in and out of the frame. While bodies activate the linear forms within both works, these lines, including the boundaries of the film, determine the parameters of bodily movement. This is the second exhibition at Wimbledon Space in an annual programme on the theme of Against Static: Technologies and Processes of Drawing.

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