Kunstfertigkeiten : Ausbildungspraktiken an Kunstakademien und Kunsthochschulen

Dieckvoss, Stephanie (2017) Kunstfertigkeiten : Ausbildungspraktiken an Kunstakademien und Kunsthochschulen. Kunstforum Internation, 245, pp. 52-57. ISSN (print) 0177-3674


This paper uses The Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore as a case study to investigate global art education. Under the title “Ausbildung für die Zukunft” (Education for the future), the article takes a closer look at the college and its positioning in the city, the cultural policy and the creative industries in Singapore today and in the future. [Dieckvoss, Stephanie. Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapur: Ausbildung für die Zukunft, in: Kunst lernen?, Kunstforum International vol. 245, March – April 2017, pp. 90-103] This article is part of the themed issue of the German art publication “Kunstforum” (Volume 245, March/April 2017. It is titled: Kunst lernen? Kunstakademien heute. It asks how art academies educate today across the world and uses 8 academies as case studies for the investigation into the relationship between making as a “craft” versus concept based ideology. It asks how students and tutors today explore creativity. Based on interviews and conversations as well as visits with students, teachers, artists and curators, the focus lies on the central question of the relationship between workshop and studio practice and the idea of making in relation to concepts, ideas and reflection. The individual articles, read together, open up a debate – convergences and differences in different places - about material skills and notions of creativity today.

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