Nurse-led case management for older people with long-term conditions

Drennan, Vari and Goodman, Claire (2004) Nurse-led case management for older people with long-term conditions. British Journal of Community Nursing, 9(12), pp. 527-533. ISSN (print) 1462-4753


People in the UK are successfully living longer but demonstrating an increased incidence of long-term conditions. In response to this, there has been a growth of service models that draw on the principles of case management, particularly for those older people with multiple and complex needs. Nurses working in primary care, and district nurses in particular, have always made a significant contribution to the care of older people with long-term, chronic conditions using case management techniques. However, the recent emphasis on case management has created new and expanded roles for nurse in primary care as the providers and coordinators of care. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of service models that use a case management approach and the current evidence for their effectiveness. We will then describe current examples of nurse-led case management in the UK and discuss some key issues for nurses in primary care and their patients.

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