Laser microprocessible conducting polymers

Ibison, P. [Researcher], Foot, P.J.S., Brown, J.W. [Research team member], Gabaston, L. [Researcher] and Simon, R. [Collaborator] (1997) Laser microprocessible conducting polymers. In: Sarton, L.A.J.L. and Zeedijk, H.B., (eds.) Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Advanced Materials and Processes and Applications. Zwijndrecht, Netherlands : Netherlands Society for Material Science. pp. 35-38. 2 ISBN 9080351326


Polymers with intrinsic electronic conductivity have moved from the laboratory to large-scale commercial production in the last 10 years. This paper describes the preparation and properties of three new families of semiconducting polymers having mesogenic side-chains. By appropriate molecular design, the conjugated polymer backbone conformations can be switched by the application of electric or magnetic fields. It has been found that focused laser radiation may be used to induce local alignment of the macromolecular chains in amorphous films of the polymers. This is shown to provoke a large increase in the mobility of electronic charges in the irradiated regions.

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