Preparation of amorphous NiPS3 by a "sol-gel" type method

Hill, P. G., Foot, P. J. S. and Davis, R. (1993) Preparation of amorphous NiPS3 by a "sol-gel" type method. In: Society of Glass Technology, (ed.) Topical issues in glass : advances in amorphous state chemistry. Sheffield, U.K. : Society of Glass Technology. pp. 67-71. 1 ISBN 0900682221


The electroactive thiophosphate NiPS3 has been prepared by the solution-based combination of Ni2+ ions with (P2S6)4- anions. The product transforms from an aqueous sol to a gel, which can either be used for coating substrates directly or precipitated to form an amorphous powder. The dry amorphous solid is a stable semiconductor (Eg~1.6eV) with photoconductive properties, and it can be made more crystalline by annealing under inert atmosphere. Strong annealing renders it indistinguishable from normal monoclinic crystalline NiPS3.

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