The Design Museum's DNA

Building the world's leading museum of contemporary design and architecture.

Design is

Design is everywhere

Design is for everybody

Design is global

Design is not only about things, but about what they do and what they mean

Design is a process that responds to needs, and creates change and improvement

Design is a vital tool that shaped and shapes the world

our vision

For everyone to understand the value of design

Our Mission

To create the most inspiring, exciting and engaging Design Museum in the world

Our Values

Welcoming everyone to the museum and making them feel it’s a place for them

Collaborative engaging with many partners to bring our vision to life

Enterprising working hard to make the museum a financial success and build a strong commercial reputation

Provocative challenging people to look and think afresh about design

Our Culture

We inspire and equip visitors to look and think afresh about design, we:

Make things simple: intellectually and visually clear and memorable

Make things personal: resonant and meaningful, appropriate, conversational, questioning

Make things active: current and changing, hands-on and exploratory, opportunities to input

Make things connect: in the sense of providing context and connecting ideas, and also connecting people