Flow: interior, landscape, and architecture in the era of liquid modernity

Sparke, Penny , Brown, Patricia , Lara-Betancourt, Patricia , Lee, Gini and Taylor, Mark, eds. (2018) Flow: interior, landscape, and architecture in the era of liquid modernity. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury. 352p. ISBN 9781472568038


Flow: Interior, Landscape, and Architecture in the Era of Liquid Modernity is rooted in new scholarship in the areas of interiors and landscapes (expanding upon traditional notions of architectural prominence) and on the notion of ‘flow’ that connects them. It investigates the transitional and intermediary relationships between interiors and landscapes and is concerned with the historical, theoretical and practice-based examination of past and contemporary interiors and landscapes. Flow brings together scholarship that recognises that the ‘transitional spaces’ of the home – conservatories, balconies, picture windows, entrances, etc. - have offered, and continue to offer new configurations for mediating the exterior and interior as intermediate zones of occupation and performance. Equally, it acknowledges that the fluid urban conditions such as super-modern public spaces – international airports, shopping malls, urban plazas and post-industrial parks – render problematic the relatively simple dualities of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, ‘private’ and ‘public’, ‘domestic’ and ‘non-domestic’ and ‘place’ and ‘non-place’. It also recognises that these issues are rooted in historical models. It therefore sets out to explore them from historical, theoretical and practice-based perspectives, recognising that they all inform each other. In order to emphasise that interdependence it is organised thematically around the ideas of ‘Nature’, ‘Mobility, ‘Continuity’ and ‘Frames’.

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