Cathode material for alkali-metal rechargeable cell

Nevett, Brian Anthony [Inventor] and Foot, Peter Jonathan Samuel [Inventor] (1986) National Research & Development Corporation Cathode material for alkali-metal rechargeable cell. US4579724, DE3367083D1, EP0128181B1, WO1984002333.


A low-temperature synthesis of MII PS3 (M preferably Fe, Co or Ni) comprises mixing M2+ cation with P2 S6 4- anion; if insoluble, MII PS3 precipitates; otherwise, M2+ cation can be supplied off an M2+ -cation-exchange resin through which Na4 P2 S6 solution is trickled. The product is X-ray amorphous, and is brought to a desirable degree of partial order by heating at 350° C. for 3 hours. In this form it can reversibly intercalate lithium and, mixed with binder and graphite, is a cathode for a lithium rechargeable cell.

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