Immaterial Boundary (film)

Gannon, Rachel and Clifton, Darryl (2016) Immaterial Boundary (film). VaroomLab Journal, 4, pp. 68-72. ISSN (online) 2052-1820


The impetus for the production of this short ‘talking heads’ film came from the provocative nudge/poke to talk about the visionary in Illustration. Our interest in exploring the visionary (this is a jointly authored package of film and text), lay in the manifestation of creative attributes that correlated with a synthesized idea of what it (the visionary) is and what it could be. We therefore assumed a conflated definition of the term visionary, one where the future facing ‘leader’ meets the imaginative ‘seer’. Our aim was to investigate visionary-ness in some of the new and emerging forms Illustration takes. We adopted a general focus on nascent visual language and style that, in our opinion, extends the boundaries of the discipline, as well as notions of thing-ness, materiality and immateriality. We deliberately selected practitioners whose work occupies a territory on the periphery of the mainstream. We hope that the title of the film reflects some of the disciplinary stretch.

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