Machiavelli and international relations : critical reassessments

Cerella, Antonio and Gallo, Ernesto, eds. (2016) Machiavelli and international relations : critical reassessments. Palgrave Macmillan. 554p. (International Politics, 53(4)) ISSN (print) 1384-5748


The aim of this Special Issue is to provide a full exploration of Machiavelli’s complex and multifaceted international political theory, resuming an interrupted conversation and filling the gap on such a topical thinker. From The Prince to The Discourses, from The Art of War to The Histories, the Special Issue aims to re-explore the key issues in Machiavelli’s international thought, and dig in depth into some of its most fundamental aspects: the relevance of human nature in determining political conflict; the influence of his ideas on the Realist tradition; the use of force and the morality dilemma; the importance of laws in the foundation of states and their limitations; the central role played by charisma and chance in influencing foreign policy; the impact of domestic political structures on international politics.

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