Uneasy humanity : perpetual wrestling with evil

Balmain, Colette and Billings, Nancy, eds. (2009) Uneasy humanity : perpetual wrestling with evil. Freeland, U.K. : Inter-disciplinary Press. 260p. (At the interface) ISBN 9781904710929


These key questions so eloquently put by Dick also underpin the aims of ‘Evil and Human Wickedness.’ Rob uses similar words in his words on themain aim of the project: “I was - and remain - convinced that the problems of evil are inseparably and intimately tied to the problems of what it is to behuman.” 4 The project had, and still has, three mains aims. Firstly, to start adiscourse on the nature of evil and human wickedness, questions which arerelevant to our very being-in-the world. Secondly in order to do this, it isnecessary to open up a dialogue across disciplines and beyond our own areasof interest and/or specialism in order to bring a wider understanding to suchcrucial issues beyond personal interpretations and pre-existing intellectualinvestment. Lastly, while we may not come up with answers to questionssurrounding the continuing problem of evil and human wickedness in theworld, it is necessary to wrestle with the question of evil in its manifoldforms, as this is not a mere intellectual exercise but a personal expedition intothe very core of humanity that calls upon us personally wrestle with “our ownexperiences and feelings about events and actions.

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