STAG : Berlin/London

Plavcak, Katrin [Curator], Cullinan, Charlotte [Curator] and Richards, Jeanine [Curator] (2013) STAG : Berlin/London. STAG : Berlin/London. .


Using the title almost as a stage direction, that could invite a thematic to anyone who chooses to take one up, the artists Cullinan Richards and Katrin Plavcak, open the scene [exhibition] with a propositional stage that is aligned with the season – Autumnal, hunting activity etc with all the colours and smells associated with the outdoors and the danger of the hunt implied. STAG is a title that incorporates and stages uncertain events, unstable colours, the unfixed and any painting performances that might happen and in so doing leaves the door open for the possibility that all the paintings have just left the building. After all the desire is in a belief and willingness to participate.

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