Cullinan, Charlotte [Contributor] and Richards, Jeanine [Contributor] (2016) Annotations. In: International Symposium : 12 Hour Action Group : Of Other Spaces : Where Does Gesture Become Event?; 03 Dec 2016, Dundee, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Inspired by ‘action groups’ in the 1970s and 80s that sought to achieve changes to a particular situation, 12-Hour Action Group foregrounds practices of resistance, collectivity and self-organisation. It was this seditiousness that enabled feminist thinking to become a volatile politics instigating urgent alternatives to the cultural, political and economic machinery of power. Galvanised by keynote talks, collective readings, actions, performances, screenings and a round table discussion all determined by an ethos of dialogue and experimentation, 12-Hour Action Group draws upon a kaleidoscope of methods to construct a dynamic, open and collaborative arena that contests what is visible and invisible, thinkable and unthinkable. Cullinan Richards sculptural works - 'A modular Infrastructure Acting in Concert With Cooper Gallery' were repurposed to support and frame the 12 hour action group symposium. For this 12 Hour Action Group symposium event, Cullinan Richards devised a set of annotations that they performed throughout the 12 hour event. Working in parallel with their 'Modular Infrastructure' display structures to physically frame the entire event. The annotations framed the keynote speakers and other performances by providing a linguistic 'hypotextual' framework.

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