Attitude problem

Ure, Mandy (2016) Attitude problem. In: Women : Art, Books and Printed Matter; 25 Nov 2016, Bruton, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Might work that employs humour and doubt in pointing at particular hegemonies be one way of negotiating the terrain of historical and socio-economic marginalisation? In this presentation I will discuss the work of artists Eva Hesse and Sarah Lucas, amongst others, and wonder if the predominant identification of them as women artists is important, and if so, to whom. Is the term ‘feminine’ able to be established in relation to their practices and do artists identify with that term? Wary of delineating certain aspects against others by way of material or concept, is there to be found a methodology or ‘attitude’ that veers between the appropriation of certain conventions within the visual arts and that of insouciance, play and wit?

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