Freedom and control within the art school

Kenning, Dean (2016) Freedom and control within the art school. In: Reflections on the Work of Albert Hunt / Within the Art School and Without; 17 Mar 2016, Bradford, U.K.. (Unpublished)


I would like to examine how freedom and control operate today within fine art education. Control mechanisms can be viewed both from within and outside of education, as effects of University systems on the one hand and art world systems on the other. Both are themselves expressions of wider political and economic realities. Given the emphasis placed on professionalism, esteem indicators and self-investment, can we reignite notions of artistic freedom without returning to bohemian fantasies of social separation? Or has the ‘artistic critique’ of subjugation and disenchantment been taken over wholesale by new forms of capitalist enterprise, rendering obsolete artistic notions of freedom?

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