Schichten [Layers]

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. and Jakel, Nico (2016) Schichten [Layers]. Braunschweig, Germany : Glausnitzer-Smith & Jäkel. 80p. ISBN 9783000528941


Schichten is the second book based on photographic images The image and the recognizable content are two different positions with two distinct viewpoints. For one the photograph as simulacrum and copy of a pre-supposed reality is a dysfunction, is a distortion of the truth and is separate from definition. On the other hand the possibility of recognition could be seduced by a pre-set image, the photograph. In this case, the book is the place and the presence of two images and many photographs being assembled on different pages create a situation for comparison (German: vorblättern, nachblättern). It then becomes a conscious search between one image and the other in order to acquire meaning and recognition. However there is no working formula. The main aspect of comprehension is hidden beyond the action of ‘seeing’ (visually) and lies solely in the conceptual possibility of the existence of the layer itself.

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