Display Show

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Jeanine, Richards [Artist] (2015) Display Show. Display Show. .


(After: Franco Albini, Herbert Bayer, Lina Bo Bardi, Eileen Gray, Frederick Kiesler, Adolf Krischanitz, El Lissitzky, Carlo Scarpa.) Art is not exhibited, art exhibits. ‘Display Show’ proposes we consider display as intrinsic to artistic production and interpretation, as the process of taking shape that redefines notions of art as exhibition. Can any object be separated from how it is shown, repaired, treated, classified, owned and valued? ‘Display Show’ follows a path that leads from doing-something-to-show-things (the technical term for which, in twentieth century art discourse, has come to be described as the verb ‘to display’), to the idea that those actions not only change the nature of what is displayed, but also transform both us and our environment.

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