Student e-complaints with indicative text summarisation algorithm and framework

Saleem, Muhammad Q. (2016) Student e-complaints with indicative text summarisation algorithm and framework. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


The rise in demand for information systems over the last few decades has influenced companies and organisations to incorporate these systems into businesses for better user centric services. Organisations need better colutions to improve their reputation amongst customers. Service providers have turned their attention to modern technology and have started utilizing electronic approaches i.e. e-complaint management systems to resolve complaints efficiently and to retain their existing customers by preventing such issues from happening in the future. Traditional paper based approach is inefficient and ineffective which has serious impacts on organisations progress. Kingston University London is currently using traditional paper based complaint management system. It requires improvement in its services for students by implementing electronic complaint managemenet system along with integrated intelligent algorithms and University's complaints procedure. The main objective of this project is to analyse and research about the complaint handling process in great detail and to explore different solutions to resolve the given problem. To tackle given problem, initially Kingston University London's complaints policy is studied and understood in detail and in depth research has been carried out on available text summarisation techniques. After careful consideration, indicative extraction based summarisation technique is decided to be used for proposed project. A summarisation algorithm is coded by the researcher based on the above specified text summarisation technique which summarises complaint text. Summaries are generated based on the domain specific keywords provided to the system through configuration xml file. Moreover, complaints procedure of Kingston University London are interpreted and implemented into the designed e-complaint system. Based on the knowledge acquired during this research study, researcher has has proposed a theoretical model/framework. This will help to develop e-complaint management system which can be expanded and utilized by organisations in any sectors. Based on the proposed model, further organisation specific complaint systems can be produced in an efficient way.

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