A Fresh Pleasure (1)

Renton, Lucy [Artist] (2016) A Fresh Pleasure (1). Interior. .


An intensification of colour, pattern and motifs of domestic decoration collide on a repetitious overloaded surface. A Fresh Pleasure (1) is the beginning of a new series of works examining a delirious experience of interior decoration, where a surfeit of ornament may evoke sensations of delight, or of suffocation. Other works in this series operate through reduction, mashing elements from high art and domestic decoration in poptastic colour combinations. The work draws on sources from textile and wallpaper craft processes and design since the 18th C, French Decadent literature, and psychedelia. “I’m excited by ideas of losing and finding myself and how an interior exploration can be expressed through complex external surfaces.” Media: Canvas, acrylic, gouache, household emulsion

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